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MoNooN Bible Reader
MoNooN Bible Reader V 1.2
  • Release Date : 2002.12.11
  • License : Freeware
  • System Requirement: MS Windows 98/NT4.0 or later, MS Internet Explorer 4.0 or later
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MoNooN Bible Reader is the software that enables that you read the Bible and search some texts in Bible. It's free. You can download it following links. This program should be installed before installing some Bible versions, which can be downloaded following links also. For the more information on them, click each title of the program that you want to know more on.
Download Bible Versions for MoNooN Bible Reader
*For unlinked versions, email to .
    Korean Version
  • The Korean Revised Version (2002.12.9 update)
  • The New Korean Revised Version (2002.12.9 update)
  • The New Korean Standard Version (2002.12.9 update)
  • The Revised New Korean Standard Version (2002.12.9 update)
  • The Korean Common Translation Version (2002.12.9 update)
  • The Korean King James Version
  • The Korean Living Bible (2002.12.9 update)
  • The Morder Korean Bible (2002.12.9 update)
  • French Version LSG(Louis Segond)
  • German Version ELB
  • Dutch Version HBI-IBS
  • Arabic Version
  • Latin Version Vulgate
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