::: MoNooN Bible Reader 1.2 :::
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The MoNooN Bible Reader is freeware. The MoNooN Bible Reader enalbes that you read the Bible and find any text you want to search in all Bible Versions you have on your computer.

This will install only MoNooN Bible Reader without Bible Data files. You should download and install at least one Bible-Version-Data-Setup-file here, too
[Release Date]
  • English Version : 2002. 12. 10.
  • Reading the Bible by comparing other Bible Version parallelly
  • Finding the verse you want to search
  • Changing the Bible Contents in English to your language
  • Inserting other Bible Versions by downloading them on the web
  • Tracing verse on moving mouse
  • Printing the current Bible chapter
  • Saving the current Bible chapter
[System requirements]
  • OS : Microsoft Windows 95/NT4.0 or later
  • Micorsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 or later