::: MoNooN Grapher 2DR v2.0:::
Screen shot
MoNooN Grapher 2DR is the simple software that draws and shows the graph of the 2-dimensional mathematical functions in rectangular coordinates.
[Release Date]
  • English Version : 2002. 5. 17.
  • Korean Version : 2002. 5. 17.
    If you input equations, choose colors, and choose line types, you can see the graph. MoNooN Grapher 2DR enables you to modify the graph color, graph line type, background color, and insert new graph(maximum 30 graphs), move the graph, zoom it. Arrow keys and +/- keys enable you to move the graph and zoom the graph. And through the option dialog box, you are able to modify the ranges and steps. Also you can view the window in full-screen mode, print the graph, and save as bitmap file.
[System requirements]
  • OS : Microsoft Window 95/98/NT or later
  • CPU : 486 or higher
  • RAM : 8MB or higher